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The Indus Valley human advancement, one of the most established on the planet and going back no less than 5,000 years, spread over quite a bit of what is directly Pakistan. Amid the second thousand years B.C., leftovers of this culture combined with the relocating Indo-Aryan people groups. The region experienced progressive attacks in consequent hundreds of years from the Persians, Greeks, Scythians, Arabs (who brought Islam), Afghans, and Turks. The Mughal Empire prospered in the sixteenth and seventeenth hundreds of years; the British came to command the locale in the eighteenth century. A third war between these nations in 1971 – in which India profited by Islamabad’s underestimation of Bengalis in Pakistani legislative issues – brought about East Pakistan turning into the different country of Bangladesh. In light of Indian atomic weapons testing, Pakistan led its own tests in mid-1998. India-Pakistan relations enhanced in the mid-2000s yet have been rough since the November 2008 Mumbai assaults and have been additionally stressed by assaults in India by activists associated with being situated in Pakistan. Nawaz SHARIF took office as PM in 2013, denoting the first run through in Pakistani history that a justly chose government finished a full term and changed to a progressive equitably chose government.

Pakistan has been occupied with a decades-since quite a while ago furnished clash with activist gatherings that objective government establishments and regular citizens, including the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other aggressor systems. Pakistan is a developing country. In Pakistan we have all type of technologies like mobiles computers etc. Instaphone and Paktel were the pioneers in portable correspondence in Pakistan amid the 1990s. They were joined by Mobilink in 1998 which was claimed by Motorola until its deal to ORASCOM. The trio offered AMPS benefits before changing to GSM in the mid 2000s. Ufone joined the blend in 2001. The segment was exceedingly managed which prompted high call rates and poor administration quality.

Zong Pakistan

Zong or China Mobile Pakistan is a skillet Pakistan versatile system administrator headquartered in Islamabad, which offers voice and information administrations going from postpaid and prepaid plans, 2G, 3G and 4G administrations, portable saving money to settled communication. It is the main oversea setup of China Mobile through procurement of a permit from Millicom to work a GSM arrange in Pakistan in 2008. Zong is a 100% backup of China Mobile. It is Pakistan’s second biggest GSM portable specialist organization and third biggest versatile administration as far as supporter base of more than 25.6 million. It has a piece of the pie of 19% among cell administrators in the nation.


Zong initiated operations as Paktel by Cable and Wireless in 1991. It was the primary organization conceded a free permit to do mobile phone benefits in Pakistan. It did AMPS administrations until 2004, when the organization propelled GSM administrations. In 2003, Millicom Corporation, who around then were greater part proprietors of Instaphone, purchased Paktel from Cable and Wireless. Millicom introduced another administration group headed by John Tumelty, previous CEO of Instaphone, and Chief Financial Officer David Ordman. On January 22, 2007, Millicom International Cellular S.A. expressed that it would offer its 88.86 percent stake in Paktel Limited to China Mobile for $284 million, which incorporates the reimbursement of intercompany obligation. The deal infers an undertaking an incentive for Paktel of $460 million, Millicom said in its official statement. Merrill Lynch prompted China Mobile on the exchange. On 4 May 2007, Paktel Limited was renamed to China Mobile Pakistan. On May 16, 2007 China Mobile declared that it had expanded its stake in CMPak to 100%. On April 1, 2008 Paktel was rebranded to Zong


China Mobile Pakistan has contributed more than US $2 billion so far to develop arranges foundation in Pakistan since 2008. It will put US $1 billion in next a few years for cutting edge benefit roll-out. Zong has assembled the third biggest cell arrange in the nation with more than 6000 base stations. To practice environmental awareness, Zong has introduced sun based controlled cell destinations in different areas. It has nation’s biggest sunlight based power media transmission network.

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Pakistan’s initial 4G administrator

Its system base stations, microwave joins, IT support and transmission towers are kept up and given by ZTE Pakistan. Alcatel-Lucent under the terms of a dispersion concurrence with RIM use its worldwide joining administrations and neighborhood nearness in the district to furnish Zong with end-to-end usage, dispatch, conveyance and bolster administrations for the BlackBerry arrangement in the Pakistani market. Zong as of now utilizes GSM, UMTS/HSPA+ and LTE advancements. On April 23, 2014 Pakistan closed cutting edge versatile range sell off. Zong paid $516 million for 10 MHz range in 2.1 GHz recurrence for 3G and 10 MHz range in 1.8 GHz recurrence for 4G making it Pakistan’s initial 3G and 4G operator.

Zong utilizes the accompanying numbering plan:

+92 3 1 N1N2N3N4N5N6N7N8

Where, 92 is the ISD code for Pakistan and is required while dialing outside the nation, 3 is the versatile access code, and 1 is the prefix for Zong dispensed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Overlooking +92 would require 0 rather to speak to neighborhood call, henceforth 031 is the general prefix and N1N2N3N4N5N6N7N8 is the supporter number.


Zong works 23 client benefit focuses, 305 establishments, and 190,000 retail client focuses nationwide.


Zong offers paid ahead of time, postpaid, women, and youth designs. The postpaid, women, and youth designs are marked as bizXcess, Flutter, and Circle. Moreover, it likewise offers information designs and branch-less keeping money.

Send Free SMS to Zong
Web to SMS Zong Pakistan, Great news for zong customers that now you can send free SMS to zong via Internet. It only requires that the person to whom you are sending SMS must reply to the SMS sent to him/her via zong internet chat. It is only for security purpose so nobody can annoy others using internet chat. Zong’s Internet Chat helps us to chat with our friends and family using our internet connection without spending even a paisa. If you are offline, just ask your friends to use Internet chat to get in touch with you. Zong has become popular in Pakistan within few years as it has introduces different packages for its customers that help people of Pakistan to chat with their relatives without fearing too many charges. Zong internet to web chat is one of the facilities provided by zong.

Zong Web to SMS

Zong web to SMS helps us to chat with our friends and family using web service and we can send free sms to any zong number in Pakistan visa internet.
What do you need for Zong Web to SMS Chat?
All you have to do is to visit Zong’s official website at and visit its WEB to SMS Chat Page. A chat applet will pop up.
How to use Web 2 SMS?

Following is the way to send Free SMS from ZOng Step by Step.

  • Enter your nick name. For example (Saifullah, Sania etc)
  • Enter 10 digits Zong Mobile number, with whom you want to chat.
  • Type Your Message and Press Send Button.
  • If mobile user accepts your chat request, chat session will be established and you can send and receive messages.
  • You can chat simultaneously with as many Zong users as you like! Just put in a different number in the? Recipient Mobile No.? And Send!
  • Session will automatically terminate if you close the web-browser

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Free SMS to Zong


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